IPM is a privately owned, international organization specialized in the supply of equipment and supportive services for industrial plant projects

IPM caters to a broad range of client requirements drawing on the resources of leading European manufacturers for:

  • Critical and non-critical process equipment
  • Heat transfer equipment
  • Rotating equipment
  • Electrical and instrumentation components
  • Process treatment units
  • Fired heaters and waste heat boilers
  • Piping, valves (including manual and automated), fittings and flanges
  • Material handling

In addition to packaged combinations, IPM offers its clients a selection of services that
are supportive throughout the many stages of a project, such as:

IPM has acquired, through 30 years of experience and constant monitoring, an invaluable and in-depth knowledge
of leading critical process equipment manufacturers.
Objective identification of the best know-how combined with up-to-the-minute

knowledge of actual workloads, latest job performance and financial status make IPM a trusted and expert partner.