IPM is an international service company with a holistic approach that offers to accompany its clients throughout the main phases of a project’s life cycle, from its initiation to after sales assistance.

Clients are free to utilize any portion or combination of equipment and services that most appropriately suits their sales and execution requirements.

IPM dedicates a highly qualified task force to handle each project to maximize customer satisfaction and ensure highest efficiency, timely response and reaction times.

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IPM offers to accompany its clients throughout the various bid phases providing the following types of services:

Bid to Bid
Assistance to clients in developing a vendor list tailored to their project
Qualifying new vendors, if requested
Distributing inquiries to client-selected vendors
Collecting proposals and providing first screening and bid tabulations, if requested
Providing appraisals of selected vendors

Bid to Contract
Evaluating commercial bids (CBE), if requested
Defining delivery times
Assisting in commercial negotiations

Contracts may be awarded to IPM or directly to the selected vendors.

To assure a project’s smooth handling, IPM offers its clients full project management services from:

  • Kick-off meeting assistance guaranteeing a timely and correct start of the project
  • Management of the various project execution phases
  • Handling of transport contracts and insurance
  • Issuing of packing list and shipping specifications to
  • Management of import and export licenses

Within the selection of IPM services offered, designated to support clients throughout the many stages of a project, IPM is qualified, organized and experienced in:

Monitoring and reporting work progress status and material availability
Controlling manufacturer sub-vendors

Controlling and reporting raw material quality
Witnessing and reporting requested tests and test quality
Witnessing and reporting running and operational tests
Reviewing and marshaling test certificates
Coordinating activities with Third Party Inspection

Negotiating, awarding and managing transport contracts
Issuing packing list and shipping specifications
Assuring packing compliance
Managing transport insurance policies
Managing import and export licenses

From site intervention to equipment replacement, IPM after sales services offer clients an integrated solution aimed at improving quality, efficiency and safety of static equipment. Acting as a client’s sole interface, IPM is qualified and organized to assume full responsibility from the definition of the required intervention to its mechanical completion. Principally focused on ammonia and urea fertilizer plants, IPM collaborates closely with leading licensors worldwide.

Once high-pressure urea and ammonia equipment has reached the end of its life cycle, IPM proposes to either substitute the existing, to obtain initial plant yield or increase production employing state-of-the-art materials and technologies that reflect latest licensor improvements.

Existing high-pressure urea and ammonia equipment requires regular interventions to maintain safety conditions. IPM provides qualified and reliable assistance for repairs on critical items, be it for emergencies or during a plant’s scheduled shutdown period. Procedures and detailed engineering are supplied in advance where each intervention is scheduled to optimize time spent on-site.

Dedicating highly specialized personnel, IPM ensures rapid and efficient solutions to difficult tasks such as:

Urea reactors:

  • Partial and complete relining in SS urea grade, 25Ni22Cr2Mo, titanium
  • Implementation of equipment safety rules during installation or review of weep-hole systems
  • Tray support, courses and new tray assembly
  • Inspection and repairs

Urea high-pressure strippers and carbamate condensers:

  • Re-tubing
  • Shortening and overturning
  • Relining of channels
  • Inspection and repairs

Ammonia converter and high-pressure heat exchangers:

  • Re-tubing
  • Relining of channels
  • Inspection and repairs

Other static equipment

  • As per intervention requirements

IPM can assist its clients in arranging project and export financing by liaising with European financial institutions and export credit agencies.